Six Steps to Effectively Researching a Prospective Employer

3.) Use research tools like Hoover’s,, BusinessWeek’s Company Insight Center, EDGAR database and to get information and insights on the company’s financial state, culture and management stability. will also give you insights from current and former employees regarding their perspective of the competitiveness of the company’s employee compensation, benefits, opportunities for promotion, continuing education, etc.

4.) Tap your network. Do you know someone who presently works at the company or once did? Ask him or her about the company and culture. Also, use networking sites like LinkedIn or associations you’re a member of to find out who you know who’s connected to someone at the employer you are seeking to learn about. If you don’t know someone, consider that people who worked for an employer in the past are often more likely to be candid about their experiences and the company culture than current employees who may fear repercussions for making negative comments about the company to prospective employees.

5.) Post questions on LinkedIn answers. Ask for insights and tips from current and past employees.

6.) Consider joining a group on LinkedIn or Ning related to the employer.