Unique Reasons for Leaving Job Don't Change Seriousness of Employee Turnover

"These results show you can't please every employee all the time," said Tracey Fuller, executive director of The Creative Group.  "A certain amount of turnover is to be expected and may not be preventable.  Conducting exit interviews can help managers determine whether a situation is unique or if there's a workplace problem that needs to be addressed in order to discourage additional staff members from leaving."

In cases such as those below, parting ways may not be such a bad thing: 

While many people enjoy their jobs, work often takes a backseat to other pursuits:

These next professionals said they needed to get out of town:

Career changes sparked some people to give notice:

Then there was the employee who had a silent exit strategy:

"These examples are light-hearted, but excessive turnover can take a toll on productivity and morale," said Fuller.  "Employee retention is a chief concern for businesses, particularly as the job market becomes more competitive."

Source: The Creative Group