Cities with Greatest and Lowest Wage Growth for Q3 2015

The latest results are in for quarterly and annual trends in compensation in Q3 2015 and the news is less than spectacular. 


The 25 Best Jobs for Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Yes, it is possible to have a tech job paying $114,808 a year and still maintain a healthy work-life balance. 


Job Openings Hit Record High, But Employers are Slow to Hire

The new U.S. Department of Labor has recorded a new, record high for job openings of 5.75 million during July 2015, the highest jump since they've started tracking the data in 2000. While that's good news for job seekers, it comes with a caveat. Employers have been slow to fill the new openings and, as a result, hiring fell to 4.72 from 4.91 in July. The quits rate, which is a measure of how confident people are to leave their current job for another job, remained steady at 1.9%.

Recruiters in Fierce Competition for Marketing Candidates in Hot Job Market

A new study from Jobvite finds that while using social media in recruiting is now the norm, used by 93% of companies across industries, due to increased demand for skilled marketers in an increasingly hot job market, social media is not as effective used in isolation. Consequently, a multi-channel approach to recruiting has proven most effective.


Two-Thirds of Marketers Expect Raises This Year, Still 1 in 3 Dissatisfied with Job

Think the highest marketing salaries are found in places like New York, Silicon Valley and Boston? Guess again. According to the “2013 Aquent AMA Marketing Salary Survey,” based on adjusted cost of living, marketers in Dallas, St. Louis and Atlanta are actually making more than their counterparts in the big cities. Dallas marketing executives were found to take home the biggest paycheck when the cost of living is factored in.  According to Ann Webster of Aquent, "When it comes to a career in marketing, the location and the field you choose can have an immense impact on your future satisfaction and salary."


Q1 2013 Study Indicates Improving Job Market for Digital and Direct Marketing Professionals

Bernhart Associates, a leading direct and digital marketing recruiter and principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, recently released Q1 2013 Quarterly Digital and Direct Marketing Hiring Report found there was a slight improvement in new job growth for digital and direct marketing roles in the first quarter of 2013.


Marketing Recruiters Weigh in on Hiring Trends, Provide Insights for 2013

In the first of a regular series of articles focused on the current state of marketing hiring demand, trends and forecasts, we conducted separate interviews with two highly regarded marketing recruiters. Jerry Bernhardt is the Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search LLC, which specializes in direct marketing and digital marketing placement. His firm also regularly conducts widely published surveys on marketing hiring trends. Lynn Hazan is the Principal of Lynn Hazan & Associates, which specializes in marketing, sales and communications placement. Both recruiters handle marketing placement throughout the U.S.  


IDC’s 2013 Predictions for CMOs Have Significant Implications for the Entire Marketing Staff

The Rise of Digital, Social Media, Marketing Automation and Big Data Require New Skill Sets, Increased  Accountability for CMOs and Marketing Staff as well as New Opportunities to Increase the Profile of Marketing within the Organization

In a recent and very compelling Web conference that seemed a lot like a wake up call to CMOs and marketing staff at all levels, IDC analysts Rich Vancil and Kathleen Schaub presented their “2013 Chief Marketing Officer Predictions: Today's CMO Becomes Master of Data.” They provided a very un-Letterman like top ten list of predictions for the year ahead. While the analysis focused on IDC’s recent study of top marketers at B2B tech companies, the results carry implications for all CMOs and staff regardless of industry.


New Study Finds Significant Demand for Creatives and Social Media Professionals in Q1 2013

Nearly 4 in 10 Advertising and Marketing Executives Say Recruiting Creatives is a Challenge

Creative staffing agency, The Creative Group, has released a study that finds high demand for creative professionals. 39 percent of marketing and advertising executives surveyed reported they’re looking to fill design or marketing roles in Q1 2013. Fifty-one percent of advertising executives shared that they plan on hiring, compared to 33% of marketers interviewed.